Lodge and Apartments in Falls Creek

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Come and relax in the Alps

Attunga, which derives from an Aboriginal word meaning "High Place," has made a name for itself as one of Falls Creek's top lodges over the years. Whether the summer or the winter, it has everything you need for a quick getaway or a longer stay.

Attunga also denotes a high standard of hospitality, comfort, and accessibility. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Kiewa Valley and Mt. Spion Kopje while relaxing by the fire in the lounge.

Attunga Lodge is a family-run business with a long history among Falls Creek regulars. It takes pleasure in offering the best "ski-in, ski-out" Lodge experience centred around its hospitality, lodging options, restaurant, and lounge bar.

The lodge is 150m from Slalom Plaza and Haley's Express Chairlift, an easy-grade ski and board down Falls Creek's groomed streets.

Attunga,它源自原住民的单词,意思是“高处”,多年来已经成为Falls Creek的顶级别墅之一。 无论是夏天还是冬天,它都有你需要的快速逃避或更长的逗留的一切。

Attunga也表示高标准的热情,舒适和可访问性。 享受基辅山谷和山脉的令人惊叹的景色。 间谍Kopje在休息室的火边放松。

Attunga Lodge是一家家族经营的企业,在Falls Creek的常客中有着悠久的历史。 它很高兴提供最好的“滑雪,滑雪”旅馆体验,围绕其酒店,住宿选择,餐厅和休息室酒吧。

酒店距离Slalom Plaza和Haley的快递椅子起重机有150米,这是一个轻松的滑雪场,并在Falls Creek的精致街道上登机。